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Welcome to the MEMBERS-ONLY page.      


We have multiple features of our club that we make fully available on our webpage for paying members only.    Each feature requires a password for access, and the password is the same for each feature.  


If you are a member and do not have the password, contact

Access to these features are available thru the drop-down menu under "Members Only" above.   Or via single click on red titles below.



Each month at the club meetings, members share 1-3 images and/or 1 image for critique,   


For image shares, as each image is shown, the photographers share information about their photos - such as how they captured the image, any post processing methods and/or stories associated with the photo.   

For image critique, the photographer is looking for constructive image critique regarding their photo.

This is a lively discussion period in our monthly meetings.

CLICK on month-of-interest (below) to see all submittals.


Submit 1-3 images for image share and/or 1 image for critique no later than the 3rd Wednesday of the month to   This will allow us time for adding images to the  website.  


Name your photo file with a title to indicate if it is for image share or if it is for critique using the following formats:

    Image Share:    "IS"-"Monthly Abbrev/Year"-"Title"-"submitters initials").    

                              Example:    IS-JAN-22-Beautiful Day-DER

    Critique:    "C"-"Monthly Abbrev/Year"-"Title"-"submitters initials").    

                              Example:    C-JAN-22-Beautiful Day-DER


The monthly image selection will be opened for viewing at 6pm the night of the monthly meeting.


We began recording our meetings in mid-2021 to capture and share with paying club-members presentations, critiques, image shares in live format.

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