Welcome to the Members-Only page.      We have three features of our club that we make fully available on our webpage for paying members only.    Each feature requires a password for access, and the password is the same for each feature.     If you are a member and do not have the password, contact durangophotoclub@gmail.com

Access to these features are available thru the drop-down menu under "Members Only" above.   Or via single click on red titles below.


1.     Monthly Image Share:

Each month at the club meetings, members share 1-3 images,   

As each image is shown, the photographers share information about their photos - such as how they captured the image, any post processing methods and/or stories associated with the photo.   

This is a lively discussion period in our monthly meetings.


 1-3 images no later than the 3rd Wednesday of the month to durangophotoclub@gmail.com.   This will allow us time for adding images to the  website.   Also, please name your photo file with a title.  

2.    52-Week Challenge

Each week of this year – 2021 –  we have a photography challenge  based on composition, on a theme, or on a technique of photography.    Photographers select 1 photo per week that was taken in 2021 which is posted on the website to fulfill the challenge.    Photos are submitted for posting on the website no later than the 2nd Saturday of the upcoming meeting, and then voted on via the website.     Photos submitted are for the monthly themes prior to the upcoming meeting month.    The weekly top voted photos for the prior month of the meeting are then reviewed and discussed at the monthly meeting.    

Example:    submit photos for weekly themes in June by July 12th of the upcoming meeting month (June)  to durangophotoclub@gmail.com      Voting will be open to members on-line from July 13-14

Voting Rules

  • Member can only vote once.
  • Submissions are made for the themes in the month previous to the upcoming meeting month.
  • Submissions must be made by 3rd Monday of the month of the upcoming meeting.
  • Voting is open via the website on the 3rd Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of month

  • Results are presented at meeting on 3rd Thursday of month

3.    Outings

Members are notified through our Facebook members page and via email of any upcoming outings.

Any member interested in posting their photos on the website on any of the club outings can send their images to durangophotoclub@gmail.com.


As of the end of June, 2021, we have enjoyed the following outings:

      Durango Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad

      Bisti Wilderness

      Mesa Verde
      Sand Canyon

      Chimney Rock