The 52-Week Challenge 2021



The goal of this Photography Challenge is to help you become a better photographer.  Each week of this year – 2021 – there will be a photography challenge which will be either based on composition, on a theme, or on a technique of photography. You can take many photos, but only post one on the website to fulfill the challenge.  During this Photography Challenge, you should make good use of composition rules, tell compelling stories, and convey emotions. If you stick to this challenge through the end, you will undoubtedly be a far better photographer than when you started.  You may participate in as many or as few challenges as you wish.



Select the "52-Week Challenge 2021" item on the homepage for the full listing of the Challenge topics and access to the associated photo galleries. Galleries for each Challenge have been added to our website so that we may share our photos for each challenge topic and learn from each other.  Galleries are open and ready for your photo submissions. This is a work in progress - currently only the web administrator can post photos (see below for details and rules).  




Preferably submitted photos are to be taken in 2021.  


Photos can be submitted for any open challenge topics.    Once challenge topics have been presented at the DPC monthly general DPC Zoom meeting, those topics will be closed to new photo submissions.      

Monthly challenge topics of will be presented at the club meeting in the subsequent month.   For example:    Photos submitted for the first 4 topics, designed "January", will be presented at the Club (Zoom) meeting on February 18th.   After the February meeting, January topics will be closed.    February topics will be presented during the March, 2021 meeting, and so on.   You do not need to be present at a club meeting for your photos to be viewed and voted on at that meeting.


Suggestion:  Please Keep a folder on your computer for storing photo challenge images so they can easily be found when you want them.


Pick your best image. Think about the topic, and take many photos.  But only choose the best one to submit for each challenge.


a.  Rename your photos as follows:

        Title_Week number_Topic Name_your name.jpg.  (example:   Bluelce_4_texture_Brown.jpg)

b. Export your photo as a JPEG.

c. Resize the photo to have 2000 pixels along its long dimension in your photo editor.

d. Choose a resolution between 75 and 150 pixels per inch (ppi.)

e. Choose Bicubic Sharper as the compression process. (In photoshop)

f.  Include a description (if you wish) in your email along with the photo.




5.  SUBMIT PHOTOS TO THE CLUB email address:

The web adminstrator will add your photos to the corresponding photo gallery.

THE “52-WEEK CHALLENGE 2021" page at will be public until March, 2021.   After that, it will be password protected and the password will be emailed to all Durango Photography Club members in good standing.

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